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  • War Dogs

    War Dogs


    A very average Goodfellas rif that manages to create the smallest semblance of a unique identity. Hill and Teller obviously carry this film as there really aren't any other meaty roles for the other characters. Their chemistry only brings the film so far, and relegates it to simple mediocrity.

  • Gamera vs. Zigra

    Gamera vs. Zigra


    The Showa Gamera series ends with a whimper. It's not that they didn't try to make it a good film, but there just wasn't enough budget to really elevate the material. There's some cool sequences here and there, even though overall it's just dull.

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  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    It's like a slasher film where the killer is industrial society.
    The price of oil is currently in the negative so that gives a certain irony to my most recent viewing of this masterpiece.
    The beauty of this film is in the silent subtleties hidden between the big sweeping moments. It's an epic of small proportions, it's grand ideas playing out between allegorical figures that are also human. The cast is small enough to give ample time for each character…

  • TFW No GF

    TFW No GF


    Me: Hey a film that touches on the massive epidemic of young male suicide, I sure hope this opens people's eyes to that harsh reality.

    Reviews: Look at these losers, haha!

    Me: Oh well...