Gretel & Hansel ★★★★

It seems like this didn't hit well with a lot of people. I can understand why. Comparing it to The VVitch it's not nearly as horrific, sparse, or interesting, Gretel & Hansel is easily outclassed. But Gretel & Hansel operates in a different mode than The VVitch. Sure they are both horror films set in the 1600s, but really those are the only similarities. Gretel & Hansel tries it's darndest to be spooky to a more broad (and younger) audience. Its thrills and chills are more surface level, rather than psychological. Adding to that, this film has some solid visual polish that The VVitch just leaves behind for a more gritty look. Gretel & Hansel works well as a Halloween themed horror film that will terrify the little ones.