• Get to Know Your Rabbit

    Get to Know Your Rabbit


    We find De Palma at a crossroads in his career. After making a couple small successes, he lands a studio flick. The film feels pulled in two directions, Smother's desire for a emotional hook and through line, and De Palm's experimental youth. They don't mix very well, but there's enough from both directions to satisfy. The climax is the epic heights that Greetings, and Hi Mom! wish they could of had. De Palma's stylistic flourishes take root here, marrying slick camera moves with some solid gags.

  • Phenomena



    An astounding rewatch for me. Not only is the new 4K print mint, but the additional footage from the Italian Cut, makes it breath just a hair more. More room for the film is great as it's hard to summarize. On one hand it's another entry into Argento's golden period of Giallo films. A mixture of far out films that relish in a kill. On the other hand, it's a movie with Jennifer Connolly playing a girl that has the…

  • Police Story

    Police Story


    Not a single ounce of fat on this lean roller-coaster of a film.
    I'll never get tired of the opening, one of the most spectacular stunts in all filmmaking.

  • Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

    Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood


    While I might not be as savvy in the 90s Hood Film subgenre as I should be, I found this send up of them hilarious. Which is a mark of a truly great parody. Specific call outs might be lost, but I get a clear sense of what it's making fun of. While Scary Movie will forever overshadow this gem, that does not mean it outshines it.

  • Cotton Comes to Harlem

    Cotton Comes to Harlem


    An absolute blast of comedy action, and social satire from start to finish. Was not expecting to laugh so hard at fifty year old jokes but when they're as outrageous as some of the one's in Cotton Comes to Harlem, they don't age. The roughness found around the edges only add to its charm. There's a beautiful sequence of 70's Harlem that makes you almost feel the heat from the pavement. A classic of the genre and beyond!

  • Megazone 23

    Megazone 23


    A time capsule of 80s mecha-anime vibes, complete with pop songs, gore, and a premise that would be later refined in Dark City & The Matrix. Megazone 23 isn't the best and at time feels like a compilation movie rather than a regular movie (because it technically is). But it works on sheer gumption. Every element might feel a bit disparate but when they hit, they hit hard. Looking forward to the next instalments!

  • Wise Guys

    Wise Guys


    Pretty empty comedy with very few genuinely funny moments, but its got BDP's style shining through in key areas. A comfy Sunday night watch that has its moments.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    EEAAO is a lot like its main character, a movie with limitless potential, squandered away on something utterly obvious. I know I’ll be in the minority opinion on this one, and that’s fine. I’m very prepared to defend the position that EEAAO is not only a bad film, but a clear symptom of the doomed cinema landscape.

    The first major problem of EEAAO that affects every aspect of the film is its pacing. Not only does the film not need…

  • Moon Knight

    Moon Knight


    What's there really to say about this? Another half baked Disney+ show that ends on a sour note. I'm not the biggest Moon Knight fan there is, and my conception of the character is probably based on the same six issues that everyone else references when they say how badass Mr. Knight is supposed to be. But this still seems to miss the Marc of the character. Aside from the now standard side character being more competent than the main,…

  • Get Carter

    Get Carter


    Get Carter is really a portrait of mascu toxiclinity.

  • Door Into Darkness: The Tram

    Door Into Darkness: The Tram


    Nothing of note to this dime store murder mystery aside from Argento's involvement.

  • Shaft



    Has plenty of grit to it, but never feels like it delivers on its cinematic legacy. Shaft gets a lot of points for essentially catalyzing the whole future Blaxploitation genre in a single lightening strike of a film. There's plenty to love about the grimy Harlem it portrays, and the characters that inhabit it. The problem is the plot is never as engaging as the world of Shaft.