• Prey



    The shots look nice and the script works in a first draft kind of way, is about all the nice things I can say about Predator 5. There’s a certain lack of thought put into most of the film. One part that sticks out is when the Predator lays its bomb to take out those vile Frenchies only to cut to a wide. What really happens to them we aren’t really sure, and the film doesn’t really care that it…

  • Predators



    I remember walking out of the theater fairly impressed by this. Yeah it had some rough moments, but for an entry in a classic 80s franchise, you could find much worse. It kept the 80s bravado and masculine energy but somewhere along the way forgot to find a personality of its own. More than a decade removed from its release and on the eve of the latest entry it serves as a testament to why most of these franchise continue…

  • New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 3: Last Days of the Boss

    New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 3: Last Days of the Boss


    Fukasaku's most kinetic film yet. Every frame hurries you along to the next conflict, while also not loosing its sense of place. The perfect final chapter to the series, as it brings together so many previous elements only bigger and better. I'm excited to examine these films again on retrospect as they have helped define the sweaty gangster genre for me.

  • Lux Æterna

    Lux Æterna


    Not for the epileptic of heart.
    Noé's warning to any and all future filmmakers.
    An endurance test to be sure.

  • Shock



    A shocking viewing experience indeed. Mario Bava sends his career off with a masterful haunted house tale. Shock proves that you should never write a film off too early. From the first time the annoying son Marco spoke I was ready to switch it off, but as the Oedipal and supernatural imagery stacked up I began to really dig this film. It reaches a zenith in a kaleidoscope flashback that brings everything together wonderfully.

  • The Howling

    The Howling


    Between a fantastic opening, and a spectacular finale lies a dull little mystery that could have used a tad more werewolf scares. Joe Dante brings a wry-cynicism to the affair that elevates what could have been a very dry film into something that feels right in line with American Werewolf in London. No wonder Carpenter lifted the entire ending for They Live.

  • Halloween



    I randomly decided to pick this up on 4K to help complete my Carpenter 4K collection. Halloween has always been a film that loses so much because the sequels. Jason and Freddy get better with every iteration, developing their personalities and aesthetics. Michael Myers is very much the opposite. Viewing this film in isolation makes everything about it work so much better. The kills are very barebones, the setting simple, and the plot almost non-existent, but the buildup is everything.…

  • Tenebre



    I remember watching this way back in High School and really not knowing what to make of it. Not quite the vibrant masterpiece that is Suspiria, and certainly not the tightly plotted Deep Red. Of course it wasn't like the other Italian-zombie fare I was consuming at the time. I didn't like it but adored the ending. I let it sit on the shelf for a VERY long time, and now I think I'm ready to appreciate it to its…

  • The Making of Star Wars

    The Making of Star Wars


    A very cute BTS doc, told from the POV of R2 and C-3P0. The culmination of my VHS rewatch of the Original Trilogy, spurred on by a random reference. So glad I took the time to track down the Digitally remastered original versions before they were lost to the sands of time.

    There's not much I think I can add to the discussion of Star Wars. My point of view is probably shared by thousands, if not millions. That doesn't…

  • Double Dragon

    Double Dragon


    There's some appealing aspects to this. The special effects, sets, and costumes all exude a certain 90's coolness to them. While the fights might be bare bones, they come often enough that you don't get bored. Where the film truly falls flat is two fold, or should I say double fold? The leads are just horribly uninteresting. They lack all sorts of charisma, and Alyssa Milano is no better either. With a plot as bare bones as "villain chases heroes…

  • TEKKEN: A Man Called X

    TEKKEN: A Man Called X

    Truly abysmal filmmaking. Not only a step down from the first, a real plummet off a cliff if you will in quality. The amount of times Kazuya flashes back to the same three shots is nauseating, and with no real forward momentum to the plot it gets real old, real fast. The action is minimal, and when present reeks of very blocked out action that just doesn't flow. What makes this sad is that the first was a surprise. A fun little tournament film that got by on gusto. This... this is just sad.

  • The Card Player

    The Card Player


    A true swing and a miss from Argento. There's a germ of a great idea here, but it lacks the kills and thrills to carry it to fruition. The Card Player still manages to offer up some stylish moments, just with a pretty lifeless frame around it.