Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★½

This is Zack Snyder at his best/most infuriating: he's a capable creator of atmosphere and visual stylist, and the opening credits/quickest Batman origin story ever was actually pretty great. But he shouldn't be let in the same room as an actor or script. Affleck, Cavill, Eisenberg et al. don't so much act or play characters as they pose while portraying action figures. There's too much going on plot-wise, themes are set up then abandoned, and none of our heroes is given enough room to breath in this overstuffed, overlong, grim-n-gritty spectacle. Still, the CGI and action set pieces are solid, and everyone looks the part (even if they don't play it due to script, talent, or directorial shortcomings). And I got a chuckle out of multiple mentions of how the scene of the final confrontation with [REDACTED: SPOILERS] was "uninhabited" and "abandoned"—clearly a response to complaints from the first movie. But overall, the difference between these movies and the MCU is that Marvel at least tries to make you laugh, whereas this was completely devoid of comic relief. Lighten up, DC, and your movies might get better reviews.