Day of the Dead ★★★

Hoop-tober Review # 11

Usually, when I have high expectations of a movie, it usually makes me feel disappointed for many reason and this film did exactly that to me even thought it was a good movie.

In my opinion, the plot had so potential to be interesting when it came to working class, the scientist, and the military officials being stuck in a temporary shelter, but it made it dull instead . The reason why is because the screenplay literally made this film the energizer bunny when it came to chattiness and screaming when it came to the military official characters in this movie except for the former military official Bub the zombie who showed more human complexity combine than those military people in this film combined. By the way,this film literally gave me a headache in from the combination of this two traits, which does not help the pace of the movie at all for me until the third act where you really saw the conflict of all of those scenarios by showing us what happens when they can't stay in the zombie place anymore.

A really good improvement that made me happy with this film is the fact that the makeups and the effects were a major improvement from The Night of the Dead. The zombie's makeup was really creative and I love the fact that there was a clown zombie in the mix to show the creativity of the makeup artist in this film. Also, the gore in third act was worth the wait for since it really scared me with how they separate the body parts. The best part of the special for me is that fact that it made the ending tense and thrilling. The only way the audience member would the learn who the remaining survivors are is by finishing the film.

Even thought I mentioned that this is the worst film in the trilogy in my opinions so far, it doesn't mean that it is a bad movie at all. I mean it has themes and social commentary that makes sense for this film, but it lost some of the potential it had based on the fact that it had promised us in the beginning of the film, which is unfortunate. If anyone person is still interesting in seeing this film, I would still recommend it, but I wouldn't recommend anyone to be in the rush to see this film unless they are major horror or zombie fan.

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