Life Is Beautiful ★★★★½

WAAC Top 100 Challenge Review # 6

World War II movies are very common to find when it comes to watching war movies, but having a film that can stand on its own in this category of film is very hard. Well, thankfully Life is Beautiful is one of those films that stood out because it succeeded in doing something that isn't seen in a lot of World War II movies.

The plot is just interesting to the audience because the first half of the film is mainly about learning that Guido Orefice (Roberto Benigni) deals with hard situations with comedy while he dealing with the hardships of being an Italian book seller who had Jewish ancestry. Also, the fact that this childhood like feel continues is just plain remarkable when it comes to second half is genius because if Guido's son knew the real truth of what was going on, the film would of lost some of the magic charm it had during the first half of the film.

Also, the screenplay helped this film out a lot because this film got a good amount of relatable themes that anyone could relate to as well while still focusing on theme of World War II . Also, the quirkiness to the screenplay and the background of the characters helped out since the general audience can easily connect to what is going on without it always being so bleak and depressing. If the screenplay didn't balance the combination of bleak and quirky it would of been a disaster to watch.

Finally, if anyone needs something that can break the boundaries of what a typical World War II movie is like, I hope they choose this one because it combines everything that a cliché wouldn't do at all without loosing what the main purpose of this film is about entirely.

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