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  • The Master

    The Master


    It's like mediocre sex: it's kinda awkward and boring but at least you get a decent climax out of it.

  • Seven Swords

    Seven Swords


    This movie is foolish. It thinks it's something it's not. It thinks it's Hero or Crouching Tiger, as many wuxia movies did in the 00s. It is not. Don't let it's slow pace and philosophical dialogue fool you. It is artsy pulp, directed by the artsiest of the pulp directors, Tsui Hark. It is comparable to his 90s work in terms of phenomenal and iconic fight scenes, but tragically the scenes between really drag it down. If you watch it…

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  • Galaxy Express 999

    Galaxy Express 999


    Thematically and tonally scrambled, Galaxy Express 999 attempts an interesting alternate telling of the series story, this time including the crew from Captain Harlock. Unfortunately these characters seem to serve little purpose, other then to be mysterious. For those who know about both universes, it's an interesting watch. For those less versed, it may be a touch confusing. Despite a mildly convoluted plot, GE999 ends up being extremely entertaining between its beautiful settings, interesting characters, and lively action scenes.

  • Nightbreed



    Stunningly bonkers and surprisingly deep