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This review may contain spoilers.

"When you love something, you fight to protect it."

I really don't get why critics hate this movie! I love it, it is an epic story spanning thousands of years with very likable characters. Yeah, sure it's not typical MCU story-telling, but that just makes it different. Not bad at all.

I love the cosmic scale this movie shows off. This is the first time we see the Celestials in detail, and it literal cosmic horror. Alot of the shots when Sersi was talking to Arishem looks straight out of a Jack Kirby comic.

I love the moral dilemmas most of the Eternals go through, wondering whether they should help humanity or not. I really liked Sprite's dilemma, being an Eternal around humans, she always wanted to be human.

Overall, ignore Rotten Tomatoes and watch this movie, this film is beautifully directed and acted.

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