Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★★

Space Jam: A New Legacy unfortunately bounces flat. The film in its entirety feels like a bloated promotion for HBO Max. While the Looney Tunes gang is back in a big way with animation better than ever, the film has no identity of its own, creating a pretty overall forgettable follow-up. I enjoyed some of the gags and edits of the Tune Squad inserted into classic Warner Bros. IP but there was a bit of a sensory overload throughout that got very tiring after a while. LeBron is not an actor and that’s obvious, but he’s having fun. Sometimes that works, mostly not.

I think the one who stole the show for me here is the man himself, Don Cheadle. His villain feels like Electro from TASM2, maybe even a more subdued SubZero from Batman and Robin?? It doesn’t sound like it…but it works. He’s having a BLAST and I loved it!


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