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  • Lean on Pete

    Lean on Pete


    I've just crossed a fork in the road in my own life. In front of me I had a catalyst explode my home life and I was left with two choices, to leave Santa Rosa or stay and make a living on my own. Neither of these options allowed me to keep on living as I was, instead both put me on a new direction I wasn't anticipating or expecting. Ultimately, I chose the more emotional of the two options,…

  • Casino



    One of the first directors I binged upon getting hooked by this website, I haven't been able to see a new Scorsese with fresh eyes in a long while. Yet, I immediately recognized how Casino fit into his filmography from the first few opening scenes. Coming out only five years after its older, stronger brother Goodfellas, Casino does try to distance itself from being a blatant ripoff of the Scorsese masterpiece and while those distinguishing features are good, largely Casino

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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story



    I feel ashamed, because A Ghost Story was trying to tell this sobering tale about life, loss, and legacy. The whole movie was designed to get the viewer emotionally charged and in a contemplatively sad state. Yet, how could I be sad when I had this giant grin across my face? I was witnessing greatness and couldn't properly handle the dual emotional I was feeling.

    Written and directed by David Lowery, I wish I hadn't waited to watch this…

  • Risen


    My mom loved it.

    I had semi-high hopes for Risen. As a Christian, I am always longing for a good faith-based film to come along. I believe the winning formula is in a Ben-Hur-esque drama that coincides with biblical principles.

    Maybe its just been to long since I've seen a truly bad Christian film to compare, but this was honestly terrible. I finished and desperately searched for elements I could praise, but left entirely empty. Even the premise is squandered,…