Hereditary ★★

The marketing's already begun and I'll admit I want to see it again. We heard whispers most of the festival about A24's hot new horror film, hearing many people say what's now in the marketing, that Hereditary is the new scariest film ever. While having that air of new horror I've written about before, Hereditary lacks the compelling story that truly would have had this grind my insides.

This does a ton correctly that I'll praise. It builds up the tension immensely well, traversing at a deliberate pace that ramps up the dread perfectly. Something creepy looms on the horizon for a long time, daring the viewer that it will appear at any moment. But as a horror film going over two hours, that sense of loom ultimately gets to be too much.

Hereditary doesn't give a release. It builds and builds, promising an explanation to the madness unfolding on screen only to drag on too long and not give any satisfactory answers. While effective in its horror, as the film gets to the truly terrifying moments, I had already lost faith that it would have any meaning. Hereditary does enough right to not be considered bad, but its also unbelievably frustrating in its attempts to mask the lack of a story with horror. Overall, I'll likely still see it again just to have a second opinion, yet I won't likely be able to forgive the problems riddling the film just because it builds the horror correctly.

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