La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

I wrote at length about La La Land previously, so I'll keep it brief here. After all the hullabaloo over Oscar season, this movie had become the bloated bait that everyone was describing in my mind. I tried to shake that thought, but couldn't. Luckily, just watching the film again cleaned my mind of the nay-sayers and reminded me exactly why the film originally received such glowing praise.

Seeing the work of Jacques Demy, I'm more convinced than ever that this is Chazelle's attempt to make an old school film in a modern Hollywood environment. He's just trying to be apart of a wave of filmmaking that everyone else thought had died decades ago. He had plenty of time to study, prepare, and advance the movement, making La La Land this amazingly hip and delightful film. I had thought that it was the work of Gene Kelly that Chazelle was trying to imitate, but I have learned now that if you take Demy's most popular films and remove the annoying parts, you get La La Land. Overall, a magical movie only enhanced by my adoration of the soundtrack.

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