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  • The East

    The East


    This is going to get a lot of praise for the mere fact that it is a mainstream movie that explores our colonial past (a past that "we" have collectively decided we'd rather forget than acknowledge), but honestly we should do a lot better than this.

    If you want to make a powerful anti-war film exploring our colonial past, maybe you shouldn't take almost two hours building up towards the war crimes. By the time the movie got to its main argument, I was already past the point of caring about any of these characters. Where are no-nonsense directors like Verhoeven when you need them?

  • S.O.S.


    Yes, this collection of music videos is made by a creepy religious cult who literally prostitute their members while teaching them it's okay as long as you imagine you're having sex with Jesus and who most likely enabled child (sexual) abuse, but Kathy Don't Go! and S.O.S. are certified bangers.

    Also, I think the anti-abortion song sung to the mother by her future kid might be one of the weirdest songs I've ever heard.