Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★½

If I would have to pick a movie that this movie's vibe is closest to it would be Suicide Squad from 2016. As in the cast is a bunch of characters you don't give a shit about, the film is filled with covers of popular songs and bad jokes in an attempt to cover up how unfun it is and it looks surprisingly ugly for its budget.

I will give it a slight edge over Suicide Squad since at least this is competently edited, but that's basically it. I can't even praise the cinematography here, which is usually the one saving grace of Snyder films. This film is filled with bizarre out of focus shots that either seem to imply the cinematographer (Zack Snyder himself) has no idea what he's doing, or it's one of the worst stylistic choices I've seen in a while. Please hire a DP again for your next film Snyder, instead of trying to do it yourself.

Also, even though Snyder seems to have learned to no longer explicitly pander to a right wing crowd, this movie still contains a scene with Sean Spicer, so clearly he's not quite over giving right wing personas a platform.

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