Southland Tales ½

What the fuck is this?

Here are some of the things I witnessed today: two badly animated cgi 4×4s have sex with one another. We even see an exhaust pipe transform into a cgi metal vagina.
"The 4th dimension will collapse in on itself you stupid bitch!"
The phrase 'neo-Marxist' is used like it's going out of fashion.
At one point a character says "You were in Iraq? Yo how'd you get out dawg?" Buffy the vampire slayer plays a porn star who presents a political talk show with some of her porn star peers.
Mr Huph from The Incredibles wears make up and screams about sustainable energy.
"It says transaction denied dawg!"
A woman demands a blowjob from Dwayne Johnson and, when this fails, she threatens to shoot herself. (She is shot by a sniper seconds later.)
Justin Timberlake narrates until his big musical number where he mimes to the Killers' 'All These Things I've Done'.
What the fuck is the rock doing with his hands?
"I'm a pimp and pimps don't kill themselves!"
When the film threatens to end they introduce time travel.

It's just not good enough is it?