Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol ★★★

Previous Mission Impossible films pissed me off. They effectively kept the "real" events 100% hidden with no clues to the audience that they could figure out. Then, at the end, they'd point out that what really happened was XYZ, not what you've just spent time watching. In movies like Ocean's 11 can make that work, but I don't feel that the earlier MI movies did it well.

Fortunately, this movie doesn't fall victim to that. In fact, instead of the technology magically resolving the situation in a full deus ex machina, it often completely fails and they're left on their own. In fact, that could be seen as the complete point and theme of the movie.

Throw in Simon Pegg and this movie ends up as something I might even be willing to watch again. Still not going to end up as one of my favorites, but worth the time spent watching it.