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  • Close-Up



    Close-Up, a film by director Abbas Kiarostami is one of most (if not the most) notable films to come out of Iranian New Wave cinema. Close-Up challenges the form and function of cinema, combining aspects of documentary and fiction to dislodge expectations and displace judgments of the viewer until one’s traditional--no, fundamental--notions of good and bad are untethered from all preconceptions; free to be influenced and enlightened.
    Abbas Kiarostami is one of Iran’s most notable directors along with greats like…

  • Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A stout and plain German house cleaner and a Moroccan auto worker (twenty years her junior) fall in love after one night. A few days later they get married. We watch their expressionless interactions and listen to their broken-down German conversations around the dinner table. Each shot is long and drawn out, nearly ironic in its purposeful mundanity. Depth is used to its fullest extent, pushing the characters into a distant corner of the frame, usually obstructed by elements in…

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  • La Belle Noiseuse

    La Belle Noiseuse



  • Satantango



    this took a week to watch
    Anyone to come out the other side of movie is bound to give it 5 stars.

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  • Fifty Shades Darker

    Fifty Shades Darker


    Was this a shitty movie? Yes. Was there way too much unnecessary moaning? Yes. Was there bad acting? Yes. Was I high as balls when seeing it? Yes. Did I like it? HELL YES.

  • Amadeus



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Milos Forman’s 1984 masterpiece, Amadeus, meaning “the love of God,” is a timeless depiction of superhuman talent through the lens of mediocrity. As a boy, Antonio Salieri (played by F. Murray Abraham) prayed to God to let him be a composer and to let his music immortalize him. Salieri believes his prayers are answered when he eventually becomes the recognized Court Composer of Vienna. However, Salieri questions his “God-given” talent upon meeting Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (played by Tom Hulce). The…