Midsommar ★★★★★

Perfect daylight horror. Balanced comedy. Impeccable cinematography. Incredible performances. Striking script. An accurate, and hard hitting depiction of anxiety and grief. Fear through tight direction and editing. No cheap jump-scares, just pure horror - twisted, sadistic, revelling in it's own grotesque imagery, and yet again, absolute magic.

Ari Aster's films remind me a lot of the work of Gaspar Noe, as when it's done right, both filmmakers have a way of taking over your body. It makes you feel. It doesn't manipulate, or try to show you how you should be feeling in any given scene - they make you feel. It forces you to confront the film, and in a way, yourself.

Hereditary for me had issues, the ending in particular - this does not. Midsommar is a masterpiece.


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