Favorite films

  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure
  • Strange Days
  • Belly
  • Amarcord

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  • Fat City


  • Cry Macho


  • White Hunter, Black Heart


  • NYC Epicenters 9/11➔2021½


Recent reviews

  • Fat City

    Fat City

    wish Huston spent the rest of his career making different stories in Stockton, full THE WIRE saga in a slice of the California boonies.

  • Cry Macho

    Cry Macho

    a dreary 6th eulogy to himself, and maybe like the 27th to his own country: it lumbers, but never with the grace of elder wisdom, instead from the confounding handicaps Eastwood places on himself. the majority of late-period Clint (we’re now 30 years deep into that phase) hyper-focuses on his status as an aging man in a country with no use for him any longer (which realistically… lol come on, this shit was made for him); it’s been a cinema…

Popular reviews

  • Cuties


    Honestly, feels illegal! Don't like one bit that a production team of adults sought to create a space where children (11-year-olds) were directed to twerk! The display of dance is one thing, the invasive, sexualized gaze of Doucouré's camera is aaaaaanother. And for a conclusion that ultimately says "don't be slutty, you dirty whore; here are some socially acceptable ways to show a little skin and not shame your family, as a treat" ?


    initially, the film presented…

  • Belly



    After a Kubrick-on-speed diamond heist at a neon-blacklit strip club, Nas walks into DMX's crib, turns on the plasma TV and confusedly watches GUMMO as DMX angrily plays billiards by himself, frustrated that his cohort isn't appreciating the movie.

    These are the first 7 minutes of BELLY.