Halloween ★★★★★

so really what ~is~ this movie, because tonight it was the sexual liberation of a curious young man, doomed to penetrate in response to intimacy out of grasp.  The stoic voyeur mechanically obliterating virile, pantsless teen broads deemed unobtainable by the evil possessing him.  Michael Myers is a rampaging man-baby of a horror icon, a fella who never knew better thanks to the fateful poison he was ordained with.  A monster nevertheless, and one who only seeks to inflict lingering trauma....  note the final shot.  Laurie Strode’s house, Michael’s bated breathing.  only evil heals after Halloween circa 1978

Some assorted bits—
- inmates wandering in the storm is an underrated Carpenter image
- Michael drives so much in this movie?  It’s so weird?  This 4K transfer lets you clearly see Michael check for cross traffic before driving by Loomis, it’s hysterical
- TOTALLY forgot Loomis is comedic relief
- the constant simultaneous background/foreground tensions are staggering and few films top what this accomplishes
- NITPICK....  too many music stingers for Michael...  when he resurrects behind Laurie, it’s silent and oh me oh my 😻😻
- fellow young filmmakers....  if you want a dark scene, it doesn’t mean no light, it means BLUE 😻😻😻😻😻😻