No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★

plucking out the waller-bridge punch-ups like fuckin parsley, blegh patooie

Fukunaga, tv director whose tv work somehow looks better than anything here (the frames are full, but can't hold a bar match to any of Mendes' operatic heights), finally closes an overarching deathloop haunting James Bond that began... One movie ago. Remove all the serialized elements and this is dynamite, Craig constantly bleary-eyed but finally looking like he's enjoying making one of these, especially in that first half, spewing one-liners like it's OCTOPUSSY and trying out his tight five on a henchman named "Cyclops".... For the 5th movie in a somberly dead serious 007 arc to start embracing the longstanding goofiness of the franchise is definitely an ask and a half from the audience, but HEY LOOK Ana de Armas!! almost certainly graded on a "wow that was expensive and big and i saw it on an IMAX screen" curve, but i wouldve loved to have just streamed this at home with some take-out.

163 minutes a whole lot of time to ask for when there's this much dying, brother – felt like I'd already spent this time watching this same exact movie with F9.