Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

the T-1000 manipulates the visage of friendly civilians, turning the community against each other to stalk in full view so it can thrust a sword arm through each of their cheek bones. The conversation of "The T-1000 looks like an LAPD officer!" usually stops and starts at that observation, but right down to how Arnie is predisposed to fire off non-lethal shots, whereas the T-1000 is proficient in torture, JUDGMENT DAY is face-forward with its sentiments toward the police. Not nearly enough as it could be, which is often the issue with James Cameron's "you have something here, but it's not quite all the way there" politics, but one of the most prolific villains of the genre is an Aryan cop, like, yo, that's a subliminal if I've ever seen one.

Cameron has a complete understanding on when to tamper with the temperature, juggling with the cooly mechanic, lenses dipped in a laundry detergent teal, and the NES-ass CONTRA binging warmth of the coziest blockbuster you've ever seen. Steeped in the signifiers of this country's inherent cultural violence, T2 knows when to turn it into cathartic gun-ho 90s exploitation and when to stage a house invasion so dour that it appropriately exhausts you from the inevitable body count of a "would you kill baby Hitler" time travel narrative.

On AYA VS. THE BIG BOYS, we were joined once again by Los Angeles City Council candidate and NOlympics LA + People's City Council organizer Albert Corado to talk about what's probably the greatest action film ever made, TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. It's a movie about The Valley! Arnold's leaned out, body builder physique is a marvel in human sculpturing! If you didn't grow up wearing out your T2 VHS, then did you really experience childhood !?!