Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★½

What’d you expect? 

Strangers on a Train for millennials preoccupied with Tik Tok. A critique of their age which doesn’t even know how to critique it without benefiting off of it; narcissism manifesting narcissism in the most non-meta sense. Genuinely no fucking point to make. Bullying waking itself up to genuine insanity, wreaking the havoc of your actions without adding effect to your cause!!! Continue to indulge in your Gen-Z fantasy, kids, just wake up to the fact that it perpetuates nothing healthy for you!!! Keep consuming your hyper-normalisation of neurotic, braindead, “socially aware” comedies too inept to create a moral lesson worthy enough of your time!!!

I’m so sorry, Sarah Michelle Gellar. I hope your acting renaissance treats you better.

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