Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade ★★★★

There’s something to be said about the universality of this film. We’ve all been Kayla before, having to battle our way through the treacherous middle school landscape. Awkward interactions, anxiety-inducing social events, apathetic classmates. There’s a reason that Middle School is so often touted as the worst time in ones life. It’s that strange period where you have no semblance of who you want to be and where you want to go. You’re still learning so much and growing, that mixed with hormones and it’s a ticking time bomb. Even though my middle school experience wasn’t exactly like Kayla’s (I grew up in the inner-city) it isn’t so far removed. I definitely saw my self in Kayla. Honestly it was strangely beautiful in the awkwardness of the dialogue, the general uncomfortableness, the weird mood shifts of adolescence. I would say this is a movie you should go see if you feel like re-experiencing that era of your life again.

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