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  • Air Force One

    Air Force One

    Gary Oldman makes a great hero of the people. It’s a shame evil neocon interventionist prez Harrison wins out in the end.

  • Life




    If it wasn’t for the solid acting and the straight down the middle plot this could have easily been a complete disaster. 

    In stead, this is a solidly entertaining creature feature in space.

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  • Birdman



    Seen on the day that I personally received a very bad review. Has a huge amount to say about art, ego, criticism and the list goes on. After seeing this I felt the need to immediately start again. It's that dense. But at the same time the experience of watching it is just a delight.

  • Bronson



    WTF did I just watch. Most of the Refn pieces are in place: solitary male lead, violence, electro soundtrack. But you won't see Gosling go to the places Hardy dares to go. Irresistible physical performance that is hard to look away from even if you'd often rather do so.