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  • The Famous Five 3

    The Famous Five 3


    honestly when this movie came out i was 13 and back then, it was good.
    now i'm 20, and well ... it's pretty predictable, the comedic relief was meh and the SFX ... horrible.
    i feel like these are nice for when you feel nostalgic or if you're younger than 15, but i dare say movies age badly.

  • Onward



    A really cute and fun movie for fans of DnD.
    Also has found family trope, which I thought was great.
    Definitely love the vibrancy of the animation style, and the comedic elements were really enjoyable.
    I would watch this again.

  • Hanni & Nanni

    Hanni & Nanni


    When this movie came out, I was 9, and back then, I absolutely loved it - I grew up listening to the St. Clare audio plays in German and this universe (the movies included) are a huge part of my childhood, however, seeing as I am 20 now, I could see that the movie has lost a lot of its charm - but that just means it's probably just more suitable for young audiences, and not that it's generally a bad movie!