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  • Ghost World

    Ghost World


    A film that serves as a good reminder that irony alone will not sustain you, but it's also a good portrait of two childhood friends who have to face the fact that they are drifting apart from each other.

  • Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry

    Still the least charming film in the whole wide world.

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  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    What do you say about films like this? They evoke so many deep emotions in you that are hard (if not impossible) to put into words and leave you shellshocked. This is what good art can do to a person.

    I always get a kick out of films and books that manage to do a lot with very little, and this is certainly one of those films. I mean, if you boil this down it's just a guy driving around…

  • Broken Flowers

    Broken Flowers


    It would be very easy to find fault with Broken Flowers. It's too slow, nothing really happens, the main character is one-dimensional. Robert McKee would no doubt be apopleptic with rage. And they're all fair criticisms. The movie is slow, the protagonist is a closed book, nothing much does happen.

    This is of course all done very deliberately by Jim Jarmusch. Like that teacher you didn't like in high school, he asks you to do more work than you're used…