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  • The Beast

    The Beast


    There is just endless bear jizz in this movie, and that's really all I can say.

  • Homicide



    Mamet took his usual con man schtick and buried it in something much more painful and real. Self-loathing as a tool for purpose, identity as a fatalistic concept, Mystic River if that shit was truthful. It's easier to shit than to cry.

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  • Churchill



    This movie ends with a title card informing the audience who won World War 2.

  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    [Watched at MIFF 2016]

    Fantastically gorgeous and very funny sexsploitation/technicolor homage. Pointedly feminist, its tragicomic heroine has completely internalised the systemic patriarchal abuse surrounding her and is thus a predator to the very men who objectify her.

    Samantha Robinson is wonderfully precise and campy at the centre, and director/writer/editor/set designer/everything Anna Biller creates a true feast for the eyes, creating a world which is truly style over substance, and all the better for it.

    The film's primary problem is that…