Certain Women ★★★★

[Watched at MIFF 2016]

Largely impenetrable for me, but there are moments throughout this that are jaw dropping in their emotional power and aesthetic beauty. Three stories centred around four women, Reichardt's film is built around themes of loneliness, ambition, repression, and pain.

Mountains surround these characters, and it feels like these people are all in a position that they are unable to escape, unable to see out of their emotional bubbles. What makes this so powerful at times is the fact that all of these characters are clearly trying, trying to push themselves to be better and do more, but again and again find a universe that pushes back at their attempts.

My main grievance with the film is that is lacks a certain amount of narrative cohesion. I understand each story's place thematically, but I found myself questioning why these three stories needed to be told together (especially the second one).

Despite that issue, Certain Women is a true triumph of restraint and beauty.

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