Open Doom Crescendo

Open Doom Crescendo

"You transformed one of the candy ass kickers into a nuclear missile that's in that pile I just emerged from."

Some sort of last transmission from a dying god being fed fragments from an alternate dimension somethingawful forum that is now being beamed through a Canon T2i straight into our eyes. A penis-headed mutant with abandonment issues, a dancing lady of the moon, a Frank who wants to let go of his past, a bunch of zombies and people hogtied and left to die in fields - all of these lost souls wander a derelict wasteland searching for the source of the pain but only creating more of it in the process. An overwhelming, frequently baffling, always hilarious, and often gut-punch-moving existential post-apocalyptic mourning scream featuring a very charismatic dog. I cannot recommend it enough, and this was simply the first part of a huge epic.

No one else is doing what Terry Chiu is doing. He's deep into some digital mindscape that begs for new language to describe it. Full disclosure: I know Terry, he's a lovely human, but I promise you my thoughts are genuine because his work creates a believer in me.

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