Open Doom Crescendo

Open Doom Crescendo ★★★★★

"I used to play with explosives because I have porblems, in my brain."

I don’t know how long it will take, but one day Terry Chiu will be recognized as one of the only filmmakers who really understood what it’s like to live in this awful, overwhelming world where we are pelted with information and pain with almost no actual way for any individual to fix a single goddamn thing caused by the terribly stupid people in charge. In this, the first part of what I hope will be many opuses, everyone (i.e. a band of post apocalyptic gangs in search of truth + a dog who likes to play) just wants to be free from themselves and their pain, but the only way they can think of trying to achieve that goal is by beating the shit out of each other with fists and magic and energy rifles. Overwhelming and essential. The best subtitling in any movie. Get in on the ground floor!

"She's never coming back" - a fortune cookie, making me tear up

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