The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★★½

Liminal procedural that uses its shadowy digital aesthetics to sway between the hyper real and hyper unreal with simple shifts in light and subtle (and then not subtle) CG trickery. Treating the pulp so patiently allowed it to accumulate weight while creeping under my skin until the big, telegraphed but nonetheless shattering finale shook me down deep. There are two great and terrible horrors rattling around in here - the pain of being fated to doom by some unknowable entity and the sadism of writing an innocent fool just to fill them with trauma, the former a basic fact of any life under the hand of a god or pure unfeeling chaos and the latter the basic egoism that comes from creating any work of art. A good character is built from real emotion and experiences - whose to say those truths don’t build some genuine form of consciousness somewhere in the cosmos? The half-baked version of myself in my dreams can feel fear with so much power that I wake up - where do I end and the other I begin?

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