The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions ★★★★

A movie dedicated to justifying the series' increasingly esoteric sci fi pulp gobbledygook by reminding us of the people all those heady ideas actually affect. The centrepiece battle/chase sequence is a jaw dropping display of the Wachowskis' perfect understanding of genre shorthand, sincere expression of cheese, and master eyes for action and spectacle—it's an exciting and moving piece of CGI spectacle that looks better than 99% of the grey sludge of most Marvel movies because the Wachowskis actually seem to like colours, don't try to make it look "real" so the audience has to do very little of their own belief suspension, and understand how to use their virtual spaces. Totally rad. If I have one big complaint other than the film occasionally reaching my capacity for bluntness - even for these auteurs, the crucifixion imagery got a bit much - it's the epilogue, which puts a very cute and unnecessary button on what was already a perfectly moving and visually opulent conclusion.

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