Low budget doesn’t mean low effort

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  • Dinosaur Island
  • Conan, the Boy in Future
  • Phantasm
  • Metamorphosis : The Alien Factor

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  • Final Destination


  • Prison


  • Gamera vs. Viras


  • Frankenstein Island


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  • Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro

    Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro


    Noodle arms, mouth fangs, cat girls, and a 100% adorable budding romance fueled by shy affection and perverse tendencies.

    Easy 4 stars

  • Found



    “My brother keeps a human head in his closet.”

    If every coming-of-age/family drama film was like Found I’d be a much bigger fan of the genre.

    True horror is discovering those closest to you are bad people. From simply being dismissive to others feelings to being an abusive piece of shit, finding out that people you love and trust aren’t who they appear is fucking terrifying. Now imagine that but you’re a child who depends on these people. A child…

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  • Gamera vs. Viras

    Gamera vs. Viras


    A Walk Amongst Monsters #12

    Gamera has now fully transitioned into kiddie  fare. From here on out the main characters will be boys, the plots will be even sillier, adults will be useless, and Gamera will become the friend to all children. 

    It’s understandable of course, gotta sell those movie tickets, but listening to whiny children repeat Gamera’s name ad nauseam is very annoying. 

    At least Gamera’s still a badass. He pops up and destroys an alien space ship before…

  • Frankenstein Island

    Frankenstein Island


    Hooptober VIII: The Well’s Not Dry Just Yet

    1981 Horror (1/4)

    *Drunken maniacal laughter*

    I refuse to believe this is from 1981 when it’s very DNA screams “60’s drive-in fodder”. The cheesiness, the wackadoo science, the laughable sets, the fur bikini amazons, this is a 60’s film and no one can convince me otherwise.

    It’s also virtually impossible to understand, seemingly existing on another plane of existence for more developed than ours. Things happen, sci-fi jargon is spouted, there’s sunglass…

Popular reviews

  • The Hurricane Heist

    The Hurricane Heist


    How am I supposed to hate a movie where our main character uses the hurricane to turn a hubcap into a killer frisbee, impaling a dude through the chest?

  • Space Jam

    Space Jam


    What I wouldn’t give to have been there for this movie pitch.

    “Hey kids love Michael Jordan and Looney Tunes right? Well, I’ve got a crazy idea...”