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  • Sword for Truth

    Sword for Truth


    2019 Cult Movie Challenge 

    Week 3: Jan. 15-Jan. 21
    Anime Week

    “I hope you do more with your weapon than just kill tigers”

    Often compared to the infinitely superior Ninja Scroll, Sword for Truth actually came out three years prior. But even with that knowledge, this 50 minute OVA still feels like it’s riding the coattails of a movie that hasn’t yet been made. Probably because this is a very uneven and poorly made ova with characters and ideas vanishing…

  • The Return of Swamp Thing

    The Return of Swamp Thing


    Undeniable proof that Jim Wynorski was a better director than Wes Craven. Sorry but I don’t make the rules.

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  • Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer

    Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer


    2019 Cult Movie Challenge 

    Week 3: Jan. 15-Jan. 21
    Anime Week

    “Fact is, time is simply a creation of your human consciousness. What if there weren’t any human beings anywhere in the world? Wouldn't clocks and calendars be a waste?”

    It’s the night before the big school festival, everyone’s frantically putting the finishing touches on their projects and preparing for a long night of work. Everyone awakens the next day ready to put their finishing touches on their projects, tomorrow’s…

  • Robot Wars

    Robot Wars


    “Remember the Alamo!”

    The practical and stop-motion effects by David Allen (who started doing effects work with Charles Band way back in 1978 with Laserblast) and Jim Danforth (When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, The Stuff) is to be commended. The robots look amazing, especially the scorpion robot, and the final showdown to cheesy fun.

    Besides that, it’s your average Full Moon feature. Short running time, low budget, campy through and through, has Barbara Crampton, it’s a decent time waster. Just don’t compare it to its predecessor, Robot Jox, or you’ll be very disappointed.

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  • The Hurricane Heist

    The Hurricane Heist


    How am I supposed to hate a movie where our main character uses the hurricane to turn a hubcap into a killer frisbee, impaling a dude through the chest?

  • Suspiria



    “Bad luck isn't brought by broken mirrors, but by broken minds.”

    Dario Argento’s fever dream.

    A fantastical acid trip into a world of endless hallways, colors bleeding through the scenery, mysterious sounds echoing just on the other side of a door, a soundtrack of creepy ~ la la las~, and style, style, style.

    It might be too soon to say this, but this is Peak Argento.

    The atmosphere is so incredibly overbearing, you’re never in a state of relaxation. You…