Opera ★★★½

“I think it's unwise to use movies as a guide for reality.”

Take a drink every time the movie uses a tracking shot.

The technical aspect of the movie is stunning. The camera is alive, constantly zooming, tracking, twisting, and observing. There are so many captivating shots throughout, it warrants a viewing on it alone. Things like the camera “thumping” as we hear her heartbeat show why Dario Argento is so influential. The camera was more of a main character than the actual lead.

Speaking of her, she really dragged this down for me. She is the epitome of the “stupid horror victim” stereotype. She constantly makes questionable choices, like not reporting a murder because she just wanted to forget it happened (even though the murderer is clearly stalking her). She almost seemed complacent, never trying to find out who’s after her. Whenever she was in danger, she either had to be saved by others, or the killer would let her go. I don’t have a problem with weak/scared characters, it’s understandable, we’re human. But this just gnawed at the back of my mind throughout.

With all that said, the murders themselves are something to behold. A terrific mix of clsssic giallo style and 80’s gore! And that peephole kill! Now THAT is art. Making it even better is the banging soundtrack during the murders! Some awesome metal by Norden Light and Steel Grave only made me look forward to thekill scenes even more!

It’s unfortunate I didn’t like this more, I was looking forward to this and Tenebre the most. It’s still a wonderful looking film with some great kills, so I do recommend it. Maybe you’ll enjoy more than me.

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