Overlord ★★★★

“If you keep thinking about dead bodies you’ll be one”

Imagine Frankenstein’s Army, Blood Creek, and The Keep had a big-budgeted baby and J.J Abrams decided to raise it as his own. A sweat-inducing level of claustrophobia and tension is intermixed with bombastic actions scenes, giving you a movie that never fully lets you relax.

After an intense and disorienting opening, the few survivors of a downed plane must hurry and complete their mission: destroy a radio tower behind enemy lines before D-Day commences. So you already have a frantically eerie plot with krauts behind every corner, ready to blow the cast brains out. But then enters the mystery of what’s going on inside the church where the tower resides. People are being taken in, but aren’t coming out. Before you know it, something more evil than anyone could imagine threatens to stop their mission and only their resolve will carry them towards their goal.

This is just a fun as hell horror flick with some damn good war scenes and graphic gore to satisfy fans of the genre. The attic resurrection scene is both uncomfortably funny and crazy entertaining, with a particular effect making even me widen my eyes in shock. And the entire video game-esque final super zombie boss fight is thrilling and brutally action-packed.

The entire cast knocks it out of the park with Pilou Asbæk (Ghost in the Shell) shining as a viscous, slimy nazi bastard. His arc from calm and cruel to insane with a god complex is a blast to watch. Jovan Adepo (Fences) is clearly the heart of the film, never losing his innocence but accepting the savagery of their situation. I also liked John Magaro (The Big Short) as a big-mouthed asshole who butts heads with Jovan, but slowly begins to respect him. 

If I had any complaints they’d be the camera being to close to everyone’s face. I know it adds tension and everything, but I enjoy being able to see more than every sweat drop on their faces. The camera can also get pretty shaky which is unfortunate. Let’s do away with shaky-cam altogether alright? I really enjoyed the war scenes because the shaky-cam and close-up shots are kept to a minimum. 

Besides that, this was a delight. A likable zombie movie that isn’t trying to be subtle and instead wants to give us a violent, bloody ride into Hell and back. And it delivers.

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