Satan's Blood

Satan's Blood ★★★★

Hooptober V: The Fifth One

20/32: Anniversary Film
6 countries - Spain

“Talk to us, oh powerful one, shroud us in the frozen light of your eternal darkness.”

A deeply unnerving domestic nightmare. Carlos Puerto (Where Time Began) has created a horror movie so grounded in reality, that when the fantastic happens you’re whiplashed by it’s sudden surrealism. 

I was not expecting this going in, I’m not much of a fan of satanic movies with emphasis more on rituals, sacrifices, evil satanists dressed in robes, than on monsters, hell, scantily-clad women, and cool effects. So I wasn’t looking forward to this at all. But wow! This was intense and downright creepy! Just goes to show you, never judge a movie by its synopsis.

An expecting couple are easily tricked into coming to an out of the way estate by another couple claiming to know them from their school days. From there, all manner of weird and startling things occur. Makes you wonder why they don’t just leave. I would have been long gone if I walked in on a woman eating raw meat like a dog, clearly something’s not right you know?

Before long the movie dips heavily into eroticism and depravity beginning with a stunning satanic orgy. The movie’s quite frank with its sexuality and never shies away from it.

There’s also a terrifying porcelain doll that walks around and bleeds from its mouth if that’s your thing.

A true diamond in the rough, Satan’s Blood is a eerie film that never plays its cards to early. So glad I added this to the challenge, I highly recommend it.

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