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  • Streets of Fire
  • Aliens
  • Day of the Dead
  • The Running Man

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  • Peninsula


  • Seoul Station

  • Train to Busan


  • Over the Moon


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  • Peninsula


    How the hell did this go so wrong? I heard a lot of mixed reviews, but went against my better judgement and bough the movie anyway. I let my father borrow it first, and knew I was in trouble when upon returning it, he said "There's a lot of CGI in this movie, at times it looks like Grand Theft Auto."

    The first 10 minutes or so are quite good and promising, as they showcase the same kind of heart…

  • Seoul Station

    Seoul Station

    Terrible prequel to an excellent film. I personally am not a fan of the animation style, but seeing as I'm no artist, I don't want to be overly critical of that. Truthfully, this movie feels dragged out, and the characters are either absolutely awful or boring, making me not care at all what happens to them. I really don't know how this went so wrong. I'd skip it if you haven't seen it already.

Popular reviews

  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing

    A good movie full of memorable characters. Lots of quotable dialogue, and a film I think will stick with you.

    The only real issue I have is that I wish the soundtrack was a bit more varied. Fight the Power is a great song, but damn, hearing it so many times throughout the film did get pretty annoying.

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    More of a thriller than a genuine horror film, but still incredible nonetheless. Leigh Whannell is truly a master of making low budget films seem bigger than they truly are, and he's done it once again with this fresh take on The Invisible Man.

    There are some good scares, the violence is intense and graphic, and you feel so bad for Elizabeth Moss as she is getting mentally tortured and no one believes her. I'm glad they went with a…