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  • The Hanging Garden

    The Hanging Garden


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The entire time I was watching this I was waiting for a twist similar to the one in "The Sixth Sense". I still don't know whether he was dead throughout the whole film or if it was just some sort of alternate reality type stuff?
    I'll probably watch it again to try to figure it out more.

  • The Boys

    The Boys


    I never actually thought I would like a film about hockey, not that I don't like hockey in general, but I don't really follow it, it's more of my moms thing. But this movie was actually pretty funny, and I did enjoy it.

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  • La Région Centrale

    La Région Centrale


    The soundtrack is definitely a lot less annoying compared to Snow's other film Wavelength. I find the shots pretty interesting but they could be a little bit shorter. I could not sit through the whole thing at once, it just seems to be never ending.