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  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • The Thing
  • The Usual Suspects

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  • Nightride


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  • Lightyear


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  • Lightyear



    Pixar aims for the sweet spot between ripping sci-fi adventure and heartfelt family entertainment ... and comes up somewhat short.

    Lightyear is a solid film which families won't be unhappy about sitting through, but there is nothing here to suggest the story of the character behind Andy's Buzz Lightyear toy needed to be made. The concept is, at best, a stretch and the execution of said concept is - while pretty at times - lacking in most other respects. This…

  • Jurassic World Dominion

    Jurassic World Dominion


    At 146 minutes in length, Jurassic World Dominion seriously out stays its welcome, eliciting only some of the magic it so desperately wishes to trade on, as it crow-bars two storylines together and hopes you don't notice that dinosaurs have been sidelined as the major threat in a film in which they're running rampant through our world?

    It's this kind of exceptionally poor writing which stops Dominion from being anything more than slightly better than Jurassic Park III and Fallen…

Recent reviews

  • Nightride



    If watching a guy drive around in his car and talk to a bunch of off-screen characters - most of which you will never see in person - sounds like your idea of fun, watch Locke with Tom Hardy. The only difference is that film has an editor and develops a sense of urgency; Nightride, meanwhile, manages to turn its one-shot gimmick into an exercise in tedium.

    1.5 Fast Connecting Phones for Nightride.

  • The Lost City

    The Lost City


    After a few early laughs - mostly courtesy of Brad Pitt and his supporting role - The Lost City drives right off the side of the Romancing the Stone-sized cliff it was trying to summit, becoming a tedious exercise in bland writing, one-note characterisations, and flat direction.

    1.5 Sparkling Pink Jump Suits for the Lost City.

Popular reviews

  • Crawl



    Things I learned while watching Crawl:

    - Florida state police officers do not bother pursuing people who directly and brazenly ignore their explicit orders.
    - Basements below ground level do not flood until it is narratively necessary for them to do so.
    - Alligators are all at least 9 feet long.
    - If any alligators smaller than 9 feet long do exist, they most certainly do not venture into basements where their smaller size would enable them to crawl under…

  • Tenet




    For several months now, Tenet has been proclaimed as the film which might just save the movie theatre industry. A 200 million dollar, original property blockbuster, written and directed by one of the most reliable names in Hollywood, Christopher Nolan. The hopes were that Nolan might deliver a film that was so incredible – so quintessential – to see on the big screen that it would tempt people from their homes, with their huge televisions…