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  • Bad Times at the El Royale

    Bad Times at the El Royale


    The second feature film from Buffy alum, Drew Goddard, Bad Times at the El Royale keeps the voyeuristic themes present in his directorial debut The Cabin in the Woods, but adds in a whole pile of Quentin Tarantino and - believe it or not - Agatha Christie to largely positive effect.

    The film puts seven strangers in the titular hotel on one rainy night in 1969, and has them interact in various unpredictable ways over the 140 minute run-time. Most…

  • Venom



    The spin-off Spider-Man movie without any sign of Spider-Man to be found, Sony's all-in desperate attempt to cash in on the success of the MCU was effectively destined to be a poor film, and sadly, the end result does little to empower supporters of free will.

    Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock, the investigative journalist who eventually winds up with the symbiote Venom inhabiting his body. Before he picks up his unwanted passenger, Eddie is a timid weed of a…

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  • Malevolent



    Effective opening sequence aside, Malevolent is one of the most unengaging "scary" films I've seen in years. The storyline and characters are paper thin, the atmosphere the film tries to build quickly dissipates amid poorly shot and blocked set pieces, and the reveal, when it comes, is jarring in its tonal inconsistency with what has come before it.

    Not that the tonal shift really matters, however, since most will have checked out well before it occurs

    1.5 Really Shitty Cons for Malevolent.

  • Terrifier



    Though it is far from a good film with its shoddy lightning, lack of any real plot and (mostly) poor acting, Terrifier gets the job done in creating a memorable slasher for the modern age in Art and having him engage in some incredibly gory kills which were mostly practically done.

    (Seriously, one of these kills is right up there with the infamous death scene from Bone Tomahawk three or so years back.)

    Tick, tick and tick. That's three stars in my book.

    3 Killers Clowning Around for Terrifer.

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    It's an all too rare event when a film lives up to the hype, but Mad Max: Fury Road proves that such a thing can and does happen.

    Co-written and directed by the creator of the original three films, George Miller, and reportedly years (beyond the norm) in the making, Fury Road is quite simply a labour of love from a 70 year old who has time and again delivered diverse, innovative films. And Fury Road may just be the…

  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    The early rumblings you've all heard through the internet are absolutely true. Captain America: Civil War is a very good comic book adaptation and a damn fine film. It manages to be well paced despite its 147 minute run time, gives good service to no less than 12 major characters from the comics, and introduces a couple of "new" characters into the MCU without feeling bloated, nonsensical, or overly fan-servicey.

    Much of the credit for this goes to the Russo…