Gemini Man ★★½

One sentence summary: Though visually stunning in presentation and perhaps heralding the next step forward for film-making, Gemini Man is an otherwise bog-standard action-thriller with an especially weak script and flat performances.

What works in Gemini Man:
- The stunning visuals. Ang Lee has clearly taken up the James Cameron mantle of pushing technology as far as he can when it comes to crafting films
- The high frame rate (screening was in 60 FPS, though the film was shot in 120 FPS) adds to the action scenes in particular, which are so clear as to actually be more immersive
- The 3D has actual depth and wasn't just gimmicky (though that may have been aided by it being a long time since I saw a film in this format)
- The chase scene ending with motorcycles in Cartagena is jaw-dropping, easily the highlight of the film
- The other action scenes are all well-staged and crystal clear
- The effects bringing the de-aged Will Smith to life are impressive at times, but not all the time. It's clear though we've come a long way since Rogue One.

What fails in Gemini Man:
- Pretty much everything else
- The script, written in the mid-90s, feels like it is out-dated and simplistic. It is 100% predictable, and it's all been done better (eg. the Bourne series and with Captain America) since this film was written
- The plot holes are many and often plain silly but this is an action-thriller so the audience is not meant to think too much (eg. nurture is completely disregarded in this film in favour of nature)
- The acting by everybody - Will Smith included - is at best perfunctory and at worst, poor
- As a combination of the script and the performances, the film feels lifeless. There is no emotional engagement with any of these characters, no concern for their safety
- Will Smith is either losing his natural charisma or the film leaches him of it. His computer-generated younger self has almost as much charisma as he does.

2.5 Kick-Ass Prototypes for Gemini Man.

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