Ritual ★★★★★


I've always been dealing with depression and loneliness and had a deep thought for suicide, but I would never bring it up to my family or friends in a discussion before and it's honestly scary to talk about to say face to face to someone that you so hearty dear and love all these years.

I have come out of comfort zone to say some things since I never managed to do so before. But as I'm writing this, I'm currently crying right now and it hurts so most of my words wont make sense as I go on.

I can not explain to you how much I connect with Ritual, it represents how I am as a person so emotionally detached from anything that is going around them at all times. I suffer from alot of pain and sadness and I all I can think of is frustration when thinking about such things.

I cant thank enough of how thankful this Film means so much to me, It means the world to me and I'm not sure if anything can give this much pain in my life. It hurts just to keep rewatching this and realizing how hard it is to get through and not cry more then once.

Thank you Anno <3

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