E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial ★★★★

All I could think about was how Henry Thomas (Elliot/the younger Hugh Crain on Haunting of Hill House) said back in October how he doesn’t usually like working with child actors because he thinks they can’t actually act and people just think they’re cute and things like child labor laws and their legally being required to receive an education is inconvenient for the grown up actors and it sounded so obnoxious. He said he’s “pretty critical of child actors” but “these guys (HoHH kids) were generally pros.” Like, yeah. No shit, guy. You’re working with kids like McKenna Grace, a 12 year old who has a more illustrious and impressive career after only 6 years of working than you do in 38. She could dog walk you. All the kids on that show could dog walk you.