Vox Lux ★★★★

wow. oh my god. wow. vox lux is so unique and unflinchingly ugly in its portrayal of a toxic and terrifying industry, among other things. I haven’t read anything where the cast mentions Britney Spears in particular as inspiration for Celeste (they may have but I haven’t come across anything), but the presence of her struggles as well as her triumphs are hard to deny. I love Britney Spears a lot. I remember how she was spoken about and how she was treated when she was at her very lowest. She’s not Celeste, and Celeste isn’t Britney, but VOX LUX tells the story of the industry and the culture that failed Britney. Vox Lux really gets the way the public loves to build a young person up as a perfect and innocent thing, make it an object, better yet, a commodity, put it on a pedestal, sexualize it, abuse it, drug it, overwork it, gaslight it, shame it, forget that “it” is a real human being like anyone else, and how people get off on tearing that thing down,  never once considering the role that they played in what happened to it. The public lives to bathe in the rotten carnage of something that they once admired, something they never saw as a person in the first place. They love to revel in the mess they’ve made and laugh at someone they’ve destroyed. It’s such a primal, hideous side of human nature. I could go on about that but I won’t. Incredible performances from the entire cast. Raffey Cassidy is unbelievable and Natalie Portman once again proves she’s one of the most versatile actresses of all time. 

(Sorry if this much of this didn’t make sense, I’m quite tired.)

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