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  • The Rhythm Section

    The Rhythm Section

    Walked out after 15 minutes. Best headline for a review so far this year goes to Mark Jenkins at NPR. “The Rhythm Section claps on the one and the three.”

  • Underwater



    Kristen Stewart stars in a blatant Alien rip off under da sea. It's somewhat entertaining. Adding in shades of The Descent and Cathulu/Kraken type beasts that would be at home in the next Aquaman. The biggest knock on the film is it becomes a cgi mess anytime one our characters runs into a sea demon. If your into Syfy channel orginals give it a poke.

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    I really liked Gone Girl but since Girl with the Dragon Tattoo it feels like Fincher has lost a certain amount of ambition in his choice in films. Nick Pinkerton in his amazing article for Film Comment "Gone Finching" applies a qoute from Manny Farber's "Hard-Sell Cinema" to Fincher, clearly defines the place Fincher holds in modern cinema and why his status as a premier auteur is always in question.

    “The figure who is engineering this middle-class blitz has the…

  • The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War


    Top to bottom another massive achievement from Burns and Novick. Goes without saying it should be required viewing in schools. It's an education that could cure the abundance of stupidity we have on the war on terror, and change our collective view of America itself.