Good Time ★★★★

Has anyone made the comparison of this film and Enter the Void  ?
It’s very similar in lighting, soundtrack and unique camera angles. The thing is I really disliked Enter the Void, because I felt like the movie was consumed by all of those competing aspects.
But Good Time flowed so perfectly. The pacing I felt was well done and each performance, especially Robert Pattinson’s, was remarkably whole hearted. You could tell everyone was dedicated to this concept and that’s what made the film’s execution so on point.
There’s a specific part towards the end of the movie where tensions are very high and throughout the entire scene there’s this dog just...barking it’s fucking head off and it was SO unnerving, but I loved that it was kept in so the audience could understand and feel the anxiety of the moment. 
I can’t really put my finger on what I think this should win during awards season, but it should definitely win something.

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