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  • The Miniaturist

    The Miniaturist


    Within the first few minutes, The Miniaturist became an excellence of recreation of closed environments, with subdued interior lightning, exquisitely detailed clothing, and the enigmatic vanishing point in seventeenth century Dutch houses. As an unexpected delight, the rest of areas soon showed to be covered with as much finery.

    The premise’s most immediate beginning is one frequently heard of, but also merely introductive, as its true intentions are barely attached to the starting point (the girl’s marriage).
    First in the…

  • Her



    Her deals with a society so readily available to the individual that there is a growing distance between people, which it exposes through the fantasies of a particular man not content with that voluntary isolation and whose use of them to dissolve the loneliness only makes it more acute.

    What he really wants is someone who understands him—and he finds such a someone, although in a manner that will eventually make him question his life further and experience situations he…

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  • Carol



    Carol is elegant to a fault. It is so very unpolluted that I was drawn to score it with a nine, even though I am in no sense with emotional attachment for it.

    It’s not perfection the cause of the admiration, however, nor is it honesty. In truth, Carol’s characters are very much like strangers. Storytelling from within is never its focus, and as to what the persons inside the script choose to tell they open up only once every…

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    The Shape of Water begins with an immersion into a world that is both ordinary and able to show the touch of wonder and originality, and that’s a virtue which doesn’t recede throughout.
    Just as steady were my thoughts on the film, glimpses that settled—unsurprised and unquestioned—by the film’s end.

    The prowess of its expressive visuals and the fantastic setting follow the characters’ emotions closely as the main support for its plot, and it does so accomplishedly.

    I just missed…