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  • The Lady in the Van

    The Lady in the Van


    The Lady in the Van is uncomfortable. Its black humour and satire, mostly led by the male character, give an occasional impression of amusement, due to the self-descriptive presentation of it perhaps, but then the reality of the story turns thick and sour early enough.
    I felt myself to be watching a contradiction. Is this a humorous portrayal of a sorry life (according to the first part)? Or is this a tragedy presented as such (from the turned tone, it…

  • Ocean's Eight

    Ocean's Eight


    Disappointing. That word sums it up, because even though I had no quality expectations for Ocean’s Eight, I had but to think a little to realise it had let down the unshaped ones as well.

    If you have a story about eleven men (or twelve, or thirteen) who have a knack for pulling out a good scam when they group together, you can’t have a similar (more than similar) story but comprised only of women not have a character of…

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  • Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit


    Despite the natural charm of the source material, Peter Rabbit presents itself in a far more elaborately rogue and reckless tone. I wouldn’t have had an issue with that sort of adaptation if not because, particularly at the beginning, that is taken to the length of seemingly idiotic.

    As with the last animated film I watched, it was completely due to coincidental causes and not the film itself that I saw it to its end, as twenty minutes into it…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    Inside Out is soooo silly… at first. It reached the point where I was giving up on any usefulness the film could provide, but from there onwards in didn’t cease to gradually improve its content.

    It starts with a family so very typical that it seems more appropriate to be a plot side dish rather than one of the central themes in a story solely dedicated to a single child’s psychology, and the problems its members go through are, from…