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  • EVA



    Eva was an agreeable watch. Its visual quality, pleasant all throughout, portrays a futuristic robot-making far more familiar and close—“human”—than any science fiction around the corner, while setting this advanced but fully integrated technology in an anachronistic village where aesthetic modernity is (most appealingly) hardly present.

    It was really nice to see the process of this kind of creation without rushes or pressures, while at the same time observing the environment where the creator practiced his skills. The characters have…

  • The Secret Garden

    The Secret Garden


    This movie adaptation of The Secret Garden is far eerier than any part from the book and, although the settings are notable and most effective at painting a place's mood, it's not a helpful tendency. The one part excluded are the initial explorations in the admittedly gloomy mansion, and the insecurity that must've surrounded the encounters with strange characters.

    Despite its attention to visual detail, overall there's a moderate simplification that makes the movie a little too dull, and a…

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  • The Zookeeper's Wife

    The Zookeeper's Wife


    Poland was in an especially chaotic position throughout the war, and the development of its citizen movements against the German and Soviet occupations are of both great historical interest and relevance. But we don’t learn much about that here.
    Instead, this movie recreates how the now Warsaw Zoo became the refuge of several people from the beginning of World War II, and to do so it depends greatly on the family who built and lived in that zoo and, once…

  • Il Mare

    Il Mare


    Il Mare starts off from a premise that would enhance any film, one which offers a balanced combination of a little mystery and a supernatural connection with the lead of an otherwise calm and daily romance.
    And that’s indeed what makes what would’ve otherwise been an ordinary story stand out for its touch of inventiveness, while also showing independency from the need of introducing any more characters other than the main two. The issue is that, other than this, there…