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  • The Last Legion

    The Last Legion


    I re-watch this for a second time due to someone else’s adherence to the film, and I still do not see it with that level of appreciation nor with the scorn that The Last Legion receives otherwise.

    Its case is a simple one of a grandiose setting dragged down by stupid actions, preposterous timings or (occasional) “enlightenments” and an adaptation to modern times of a sort that is easily ridiculed and more commonly resorted to of late, like in the…

  • Tulip Fever

    Tulip Fever


    Tulip Fever’s unpopularity is not unjustified, for it holds surprisingly little relevance besides the interest of Flanders and the tulip. Moving aside the two positive weights which are its aesthetic and the intriguing and not all that frequently depicted emergence of an economy around this flower, what we have is a story that is not told anymore—something not without reason, either, because it is the aged story what taxes the film with stale content first and overused turns later.


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  • Duplex



    It looks like comedies with Ben Stiller, at least those dated close to this one, are all clearly drenched in the same sort of humour—one rarely flattering or witty, and with the tendency of increasing the physicality of its jokes (but it’s not that the characters get hit, per se. Their misfortunes need more plan and execution than that).
    Duplex, on the other hand, manages to avoid the vulgar side of those for part of its running time. Until then,…

  • Orlando



    Orlando is a film with character, distant from anything standard and even bold in the creation of its sometimes (frequently) bizarre atmospheres. It can be a befuddlement for the senses, perhaps an absorbing creation for those unaware of the story's full extent.
    I do not have what could be the advantage, in this case, of such a fresh look to place on this film, and my knowledge muddles the experience in the shape of the following verdict: the adaptation has…