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  • A Silent Voice

    A Silent Voice


    What makes a story relevant as anime? A development and a message with a certain effect outside the fiction? An impact on reality and a story that extracts from the real? A premise that aims for a completely different intrinsic quality than the average of the industry? An animation work that can be seen as the trademark and insignia of a certain studio? Koe no Katachi has a bit of everything.

    A girl is transferred to a new school during…

  • Trumbo



    I’ve read dissatisfaction towards this movie’s screenplay, and although I have to agree that the structure is completely linear, straightforward and safe, none of it was a handicap to me. Mostly because dialogue, theme and occasionally performance make up for that disadvantage and still have the chance to step in strongly. Liking those, the one scene that appeared out of tone and overly plain visually was the final speech and its extreme lightning. It’s, again, a very minor part of…

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  • The Million Pound Note

    The Million Pound Note


    The Million Pound Note is a successful comedy—successful as to how much it made me and the audience I was with laugh. But it’s more than a funny film: It takes a while to move on from silly happenings to concepts of substance, but its other main purpose is, eventually, to expose the social effects of the prevalence of capitalism. The paroxysm of a society over money, and the hypocrisy of its members depending on who holds it and who…

  • Your Name.

    Your Name.


    I can divide Kimi no Na wa's weaknesses into two groups, because everything else is pretty much wonderful. However the two areas that contain parts susceptible to inspection are characters and story, which are normally absolutely essential in a film.

    The characters do not really have an essence of their own: they form with each ongoing scene, and they are what the plot requires them to be. They are so integrated with it that I can't make out who they'd…