The Farewell

The Farewell ★★½

I knew the moment I heard the soundtrack and the scenes it was matched with that The Farewell wouldn’t work for me.

Although the music itself could’ve not been an issue put together with a different story, watching these scenes along with it just caused them to feel dissonant.
And all other aspects of the film followed suit.

From this, it sounds like I actually prefer a safer or simply more conventional pairing between music and premise, mood and momentum… That’s really not the case. On the contrary, I particularly enjoy films which form a unique identity and way to communicate themselves, especially if musically.

Unfortunately, such a connection between me and The Farewell never took place.

As someone else said, this film’s inherent quality might be bringing the viewer into the scenes to feel part of them together with Billi’s family. From this perspective my reaction is simply explained: if the film created a room, I wasn’t in it.

By its end I appreciated the inadvertent evolution of “the lie” for each family member, as, without ever displaying more than the random happenings, the story does lead to the understanding of its possible facets. The ending itself also left a sweet note—but The Farewell was much longer than its final seconds.

A posterior impression is that the film would possibly benefit from watching it together with family. The positivity towards small events and sentiments earns a different magnitude then, and should the opportunity arise I’d like to know how I would’ve felt about it within that setting.

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