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  • Mystery Train
  • Paris, Texas
  • Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
  • Out of the Past

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  • Xanadu


  • Family Plot

  • Cry Macho

  • Hearts of the West

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  • Annie Hall

    Annie Hall

    I hate this movie so much. I hate that being into Woody Allen was shorthand for being into Cinema at my stupid college, I hate how many of my suitemates had posters from this, and I profoundly hate the way people used to treat Allen as an intellectual. Self-deprecation is a trick of the born narcissist, the flipside of thinking you’re God, and once you get rid of that, this is just a pedophile making some Family Guy jokes.

  • The Super Bob Einstein Movie

    The Super Bob Einstein Movie

    Let’s celebrate his legacy by ending highway profanity.