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  • Great Balls of Fire!

    Great Balls of Fire!

    One of the last things me and Marie got to do before COVID was drive up to a field outside of Sacramento and see Jerry Lee Lewis play what must have been something like his third to last show. One of my favorite concerts ever. Cheap beer, bleachers, soft breeze, and the man himself slamming out Down The Line like it was still brand new.

    Early rock has a reputation for being corny. Bubblegum, car hops, makeout spots. That's not…

  • National Treasure

    National Treasure

    This movie rules. It's impossibly stupid, and it powers through being impossibly stupid by skipping the boring parts. Like, if somebody in this movie were to say "the only way to solve this mystery would be with a device that can generate miniature black holes," somebody would volunteer that they had two such devices in their trunk from when they took a miniature black hole class at the community college.

    It also rules because of how American it is: it's…

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  • Yesterday


    I got eight hours of laughter out of how this movie squandered a quietly excellent scenario: what are the practical ramifications of the Beatles not existing? Do those guys from Oasis just become wards of the state or something? It’s a universe they think about exploring before chickening out and doing acutely dated romcom stuff. 

    The other issue is the thing has the sentimentality only a John Lennon fan could have and there’s a scene where John, who was good…

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born

    The following review means basically nothing because I am a million miles away from being in its target audience and even the perfect version of this movie would probably just irritate me:

    This is a movie that takes place in a fantasy universe where alt-country is one of the most popular genres of music and the Drive-By Truckers are filling 10,000 seaters. That's pretty funny.

    Its depiction of the entertainment business in 2018 is so wrong as to be a…