Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

Ummm, how f***ing AMAZING was that!! Jojo Rabbit has made me feel the most wide array of emotions in a film I have all year! I can’t describe the experience you will have when watching this movie. We get too see how f***ed up society in Nazi Germany is and how almost everyone buys into it. We see Jojo’s life with his Mother and how being the man of the house at ten years old is hard on a kid. We see how dangerous and scary hiding a Jew in your house is and the affect it can have on someone buying into Hitler’s beliefs. 
Ok, now let’s get into performances! Roman Griffin Davis (Jojo) gives the best performance as a young kid I’ve ever seen. We feel for him as he is trying to “man up” and be tough even though he is definitely not ready for all of the things he is experiencing. Scarlett Johansson is honestly great in this film. She perfectly pulls off the role of a single mom who works really hard to feed her kid and you can tell she barley gets a break. My favourite scene with her in it, is the scene where she pretends to be Jojo’s Father. You can tell she’s in pain when thinking about him and when she slams the table there is so much tension between her and Jojo until she eventually starts dancing. This is my favourite Scarlett Johansson performance I have ever seen, she gives it her all. So, I feel like it would be hard for someone as young as Thomasin McKenzie (Elsa) to make the part of a heartbroken, weathered, Jew on the run from everyone belivable. But, she really captures everything about a Jewish person from that time period. She has this defensive personality in the beginning but she slowly opens up to Jojo and they end up becoming best friends. Sam Rockwell was pretty funny in his role as Captain Klenzendorf and he was good as a jerk and a little bit of a mentor to Jojo. But, Takai Watiti is insane as Adolf Hitler! He brings this sick/hilarious charm to such a psychopath. A lot of his stuff is slapstick but it works in all of the situations. I love when he says “People used to make fun of me all the time and say: What a crazy person, or he’s gonna kill us all!” Then he just shrugs and I was laughing my a$$ off. Takai embodies the role Hitler, a sick individual who is disturbingly funny. Rebel Wilson is basically the Nazi version of Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect but she is pretty funny. It was so f***ing twisted when she strapped a grenade on the kid’s back and told him to go hug one of the American’s. Stephen Merchant was pretty good as Captain Deertz his smile was a little creepy though. I also liked Archie Yates (Yorki) he played a good friend to Jojo and was very funny.

Next, pacing. Throughout this film you never feel bored. Even when the kids are just talking about random sh*t. Everything flows very well. At the begging I didn’t know what they were going for in terms of seriousness but after Jojo got out of the hospital the comedy worked way more for me.

This films tugs the sh*t out of your heart strings. The moment that got me was when you see Jojo’s Mom’s feet hanging. My chest sank. In that moment I almost hated Takai Watiti, I surprisingly didn’t cry but my Mom did. This film will probably be difficult to rewatch because that scene is so sad.

Okay, the cinematography is f***ing beautiful in this film. The colours are so vibrant and they pop off the screen. Also, they tones are not too over exaggerated and it gives it this nice realistic and beautiful look. The set is great too! The soundtrack and score really blend well with the camerawork and it’s seem less.

The traffic was bad around my theatre so I missed the beginning of the opening credits but I got there when it said Scarlett Johansson so I knew I didn’t miss too much. Also, I decided to take a p**s right at the pivotal coming of age moment when he says: “F*CK OFF HITLER!” And kicks him out the window. DAMN LARGE ROOT BEER! But, I kinda saw this coming because we all knew he was gonna realize that he isn’t a Nazi and he’s just a kid who’s growing up. The only thing i disliked was when it showed the visual of the butterflies in his stomach. But it’s kind of goofy and fits with the film.
So overall, Jojo Rabbit is wonderful. All of the actors work really well together and have great chemistry. I adore this film and everyone involved in creating it. Jojo Rabbit is a masterpiece and instant classic. 
If you love a good coming of age story and like seeing WW2 movies you’ll love Jojo Rabbit, just like me!

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